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Hollow Tree Candles

Hollow Tree Candles


There's a lot of straightforward, common-sense questions I ask when buying product for the store. There's a few rote steps, occasionally an exciting courtship with a new product or business. But in all of that, there's the intangible, fickle, hard-to-get-right part of buying new products: balancing the price with the value. 

I'll be honest, here. Hollow Tree candles can't compete with the other brands we carry when it comes to price. But to be fair, no brand can compete with the complete sensory experience that Hollow Tree offers. And sometimes, if it's good enough, and if it's unique enough, an experience makes me forget all the rules about buying product for my business. Hollow Tree did just that, and the moment the first package of candles arrived at the shop I was sold. I could smell them before I had even picked up the box, and the smell was entrancing. And beyond the core of the product being thoughtfully, brilliantly made, the entire experience speaks to all the things we love. Packaging that's given the same attention and care as the product. Intricately detailed branding that invites you to pore over every piece as you unwrap it. And my favorite part - the ceramic vessel is reusable. I love seeing someone take home a Hollow Tree candle, knowing that it will serve them as a planter, catch-all, or tumblr when they've burned it through. 

A brush with fate led us to Hollow Tree - that's a story of it's own - and we're proud to be the first distributor in the United States to carry this product. Narrowing their collection to only eights scents for the shop was damn near impossible. Imagine choosing between something amazing and something incredible! 

We invite you to come into James Dant: A Store for Men, and find a scent to fill your home with. You can also order Hollow Tree Candles online at



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