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Helmsman Beard Butter
Helmsman Beard Butter

Helmsman Beard Butter

$ 18.00

James Dant - Helmsman Beard Butter

*** This item is only available for shipping for half of the year. During transit, it will melt, going from its butter form to a liquid during the heat of late spring, summer, and early fall. Therefore, this item is currently only available to pick up at our physical location during that time. ***

The development of our beard butter was driven solely by need. As most of you bearded dudes know, dry skin is the bane of our existence sometimes. Because our beard balm started as an all-over body treatment it has completely different side effects than most balms you see on the market. The cocoa butter, Shea butter, and coconut oil form a base completely different than most oils. While oils are best at treating hair, this bad boy whips your skin into shape. Our butter HAS NO SHAPING PROPERTIES. When applied as a final layer it leaves a nice sheen, but it was never meant to hold your beard in place. Whipped into a butter-like substance, (making it really easy to use), our beard balm REALLY works and is sure to keep your skin healthy, especially during that “itchy stage” you’ve heard so much about

On a very strange night, after drinking like a sailor & finding refuge in a bed, not of his own, the owner of James Dant had a very peculiar dream.  With days filled creating scents & tending to the shop like a mad man, such dreams weren't as rare as one might imagine; however, this one happened to stand out above the rest, bringing the "Helmsman" to life, influencing its name, deep blue color scheme, and anchor emblem.  Based on all things seafarers may encounter, the "Helmsman" is a little bit beach, with a splash of the sea.  It's a pirate drinking rum & a sailor scrubbing the deck.  It's a crack of spice and a tiny hint of sweetness.

Disclaimer: These beard oils melt above 80˚; therefore, from sometime in July to sometime in September, we must take them off our website. The product will melt in shipment and could potentially create a huge mess upon opening the oil. If they are put in the freezer the product will solidify, but loses all of its fluffy texture people enjoy so much. If you would still like us to ship your product, reach out and we will make special arrangements to get the product to you.