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Indigofera - 12oz - Kirk Straight Fit - Indigo Single Stripe.

So, we had one venture with a stripe pant from Indigofera last year, and you guys couldn't get enough. The stripes were inverted with a slim indigo line and a wider natural line last time. We think this new "single stripe" variation is just as beautiful and has even more potential for incredible fades. Indigofera has details galore, but the ones we tend to focus on are the multi-colored stitching. most of the time, the arcuate is of a similar color, and fades reveal its true nature. This time, they've gone with contrast stitching throughout. We're very much digging this wider more comfortable fit with the Kirk this round.
Indigofera - 12oz Nash Slim Selvedge - Octan.

As the name Octan might indicate, the color of this denim is special. In certain lights, it looks green which would indicate a black denim. In others, you can see the blue pop. This strange mixture of blue and black is so funky and so unique that we can't see how anyone wouldn't want it for their collection. The tonal stitching with super subtle hints of color throughout, like the orange pocket stitch, make these very sleek. The color is really what puts us over the edge. If it has you guessing, it does us too. You're no alone in your curiosity on this one!
Indigofera - 13oz Kirk Straight Fit - 29 Handdip.

This is our first straight fit from Indigofera, and we're very excited. These were so comfy for the shoot. This thing is built to last with a beautiful hand dipping process to make it feel even more luxurious. The contrast stitching and interior double ticker selvedge will leave you feeling like you got even more than you paid for. This fabric is quite beautiful at first sight, but its true nature appears after its first wash. The crunchiness you get after this pair touches water is unrivaled. A little drink really wakes up the cotton and will help the fading process start even sooner.
Indigofera - 13oz - Wendell Double Knee Pant - Smithson Canvas Beige.

You guys have been gobbling up interesting pants like they're plates of tacos. Well, we've heard you and we're seeing the fruits of those pre-season buys come to ripeness. This round, we've got an incredible high-waisted double knee with tones of room to do work in. This 13oz Smithson canvas is nice and hardy because of the double-knee but also light enough to get around in. It's a wonderful golden beige color that they've accented with green bartacks and rivets for extra reinforcement. This is one of the most killed pairs of pants we've ever seen from Indigofera.
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The Indigofera Copeland is quickly becoming a staple for us. The signature pocket stitching and ...
Indigofera - 14oz - Buck Silm Straight Selvedge - Indigo No 9.

We've been obsessed with the No 9 fabric since its first iteration in the Fargo. It is seriously such a stunning selvedge in person. It simply looks and feels fancy, although you're staring at a fairly traditional heritage construction. They call this their Rolls Royce fabric for a reason. It's a fabric produced exclusively for IF in Okayama's prestigious Nihon Menpu factory. It's a narrow loom selvedge fabric that creates a tight, smooth feel making the white yarns of the weft nearly invisible on the face. The blend of oxford orange and gold stitching throughout also feels luxurious. You'll notice a deep navy arcuate that will remain color fast while the denim fades around it. It also has vintage details like the offset back belt loop. The little monkey stitch at the bottom of the pocket catches our attention every time. The Buck is a nice slim straight fit that just about anyone can wear. If we were to choose one fabric to wear from Indofera from now until the end of time, it would be the Indigo No. 9.

The Nash is a fit made by Indigofera and the artist Israel Nash. This is as close to a pair of s...

Indigofera Denim has been a thing of beauty since it's inception, but they knocked it out of ...

Indigofera Denim has been a thing of beauty since it's inception, but they knocked it o...
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Indigofera - Manolito Shirt - Indigo

The Manolito shirt, named after one of the owner's sons, i...
Indigofera - 8oz Ryman Ohira Denim Shirt - Indigo

We have always loved the Ryman. I mean, what's not to love. This is a shirt for gunslingers. A shirt with a ton of fade potential like this would go a long way in the upcoming Redline Rally. The copper snaps and sawtooth pockets are our favorite touches. The custom woven tags also hit us in the feel goods.

7.5oz 2x1 Denim 100% Cotton
Milled in Japan
Two Sawtooth Chest Pockets
Brass Snap Buttons
Unwashed, Sanforized
Made in Portugal
Sold Out/Coming Soon
Indigofera - Alamo Cotton Twill Shirt - Marshall Black
If you know Indigofera, you know the Alamo...
Sold Out/Coming Soon
* Indigofera Wool Blanket, Arizona Sunset.* 100% Wool Blanket.* 78.78 x 59.05"* Made in Norway.
Sold Out/Coming Soon

Indigofera Austin Shirt, Cognac Nubuck.* Snap Buttons.* Lined Yoke / Cuffs. (Acetate Fabric)* M...
Indigofera - Bryson Check Flannel - Black, Green, Yellow.

We're absolutely ecstatic about this piece. We never expect the Bryson to top the years prior because they're always that good. But we need to start forecasting that they'll always be fantastic. This year's variation is even fluffier and softer than the previous season. The brush treatment ensures that. With black buttons and a black base, the neon green and golden yellow pop like crazy. Every year, we buy a fairly good stock in this, and every year we wind up kicking ourselves for not buying more. If that tells you anything, you should snag one of these sooner rather than later. It's the perfect blend of quality, details, and price points.

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Indigofera - Bryson Check Flannel - Grey, Beige, Petrol, Red
Wow, Indigofera knocked this shirt ...
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Indigofera - Bryson Check Flannel - Sun Fade.

Man, oh man! The last time we had the Bryson, it disappeared virtually overnight. This time around, they've hit us with the funkiest, most fun option we've ever seen! It looks like a flannel that's been kissed by the sun an awful lot over the years. The pinks and greens are barely visible until you get up close. The colors blend together as if all their saturation has been pulled out - in the same way, bleach does when it touches cotton. This one is one you don't want to let get away. It'll be the piece Indigofera heads will be talking about for years to come.

Indigofera - Copeland Shirt Moleskin - Cognac.

It's been quite some time since our last Copeland, and funny was another Moleskin version. They've given us all we want this year, albeit a little late in the season. This fabric got delayed to be totally honest- the "great supply chain shortage" strikes again. But, this is well worth the wait. It's as luxurious and soft as the previous versions with a color that most people won't be able to deny. Even the sound of it is sexy. Cognac. Who doesn't like something color-coded "cognac."
Sold Out/Coming Soon
Indigofera - Copeland Shirt Moleskin - Rust
The description decided to dissapear. But this shirt ...
Sold Out/Coming Soon

The Copeland from Indigofera has been in the line for over 10 years now. It's a standard. And ea...
$ 399.00 $ 325.00

Coyote Thunder Blanket

A couple of our favorite people got together to create one of the most incredible blankets on th...
Indigofera - Dawson Check Flannel - Black, Brown, Burgundy, Beige.

There's no question about it...this is the standout piece of the season from Indigofera. We were freaking out when we saw the first pictures come out of Sweden. The texture and slubbiness is simply unmatched. This year's color combo is bonkers. The reds and oranges blanketed by a dense black make for one of the most contrasting flannels we've ever seen. This is truly a special flannel that stands out even among special flannels. The black pearl snaps are like staring into the abyss. They're absolutely gorgeous. And lastly, this cotton is a selvedge. I don't know what more we could ask for. This might be perfect.
Sold Out/Coming Soon
Indigofera - Dawson Check Flannel - Indigo Check
When we initially saw the Dawson Check at Kari's...
Indigofera - Delray Shirt - M*A*S*H Green

As we were looking back through the archives, we found it rather insane that the Delreay has never been on our website. This is such a staple, which I guess all IF pieces are staples, in the wardrobe that it's wild to not see many iterations from the past. We think they just sold too fast in the past before we could even get them up. Well, we've remedied that this time with a spectacular color they like to refer to as M*A*S*H Green. It's a linen blend this time, which if you go back just a week to some of our early spring releases, you'll see we're kind of obsessed with. There's something about that bounce that only linen can really produce. Plus, it stays cool in the hottest months when we all struggle to find our style outside of tee shirts.
Indigofera - Delray Shirt - Stripe Ecru, Indigo.

As we were looking back through the archives, we found it rather insane that the Delray has never been on our website. This is such a staple, which I guess all IF pieces are staples, in the wardrobe that it's wild to not see many iterations from the past. We think they just sold too fast in the past before we could even get them up. Well, we've remedied that with a second Delray. This time around its cotton in a classic western pattern we've all seen before, but not like this. Indigofera has cranked it up a notch, as always. Plus, you've got those blue-coated metallic buttons to top it all off.
Indigofera - Dhani Shirt - Desert Pinon.

This is our first bout with the Dhani shirt, and we're thoroughly impressed. The buttons and closure style are what drew us in from the start, but we stayed for the fabric. Essentially, you put linen in anything and we're interested. It's a bit of wonder fabric in terms of strength and durability. The long-staple fibers are strong all while remaining lightweight. This piece is truly one you'll be able to wear into the summer on those cooler days and brisk nights. This is a pretty reminiscent piece and we think Indigofera's interpretation of the iconic Japanese Kung-Fu shirt.
Indigofera - Dollard Check Flannel - Blue/White.

We've fallen in love with the Dollard Check Flannel for this time of year. They roll out an incredibly loosely woven fabric about this time of year so that you can keep rocking long sleeve shirts even in the hottest months. This round, we've got this amazing blue combo that is such a bright pop of energy. This one is a blue/white combo that doesn't include indigo, so no worry about bleeding onto that crispy white check. The black/brass snaps might just be our favorite part of the entire piece.
Indigofera - Dollard Heavy Check - Black, Gold.

This Dollard is one of the wildest fabrics we've ever put our hands on. The loose weave is rugged yet soft because of its airy nature. It makes the shirt light and breathable and gives it the potential to be worn all year round. The colors are really what set it over the top for us though. The desert motif is one for the ages. The black pearl snaps and saw tooth pockets and sleeves are quite the pairing for this fabric we simply can't say enough about. For a western shirt, it's not that western. This is one that everyone will love from our heritage to contemporary customers.
Indigofera - Dollard Heavy Check - Burgundy, Black.

This Dollard is one of the wildest fabrics we've ever put our hands on. The loose weave is rugged yet soft because of its airy nature. It makes the shirt light and breathable and gives it the potential to be worn all year round. It has wonderful sawtooth black pearl snaps and a burgundy, black combo that's a real winner. We had to have these when we started seeing the pictures come out. For a western shirt, it's not that western. This is one that everyone will love from our heritage to contemporary customers.
Indigofera - Dollard Stripe Shirt - Beige, Brown, White.

We've seen the Dollard many, many times in a check flannel...but we've never seen it like this. For a really nice Spring mixup, they've started with a base of 60% Cotton and 40% Linen. We're used to this piece having a starchy stiffness, but not this round. The bouncy nature of linen lends wonderfully to the Dollards. We're very excited to have a piece we can wear beyond the cooler days of Spring.
Indigofera - Eagle Blanket - Orange, Navy, Wine
Indigofera has been making the softest and best b...
Sold Out/Coming Soon
Indigofera - Eagle Rising Jacket - Cinnamon Cord.

The Eagle Rising is a jacket for which we always wait. It takes Indigofera's classic shirt jack and adds the ever-coveted handwarmer pockets. This round they sourced a wide wale corduroy fabric, sourced from one of the oldest corduroy and moleskin manufacturers still operating in the UK. Then, they dressed it up with waxed leather accents on the collar and pockets. Top that all over with some chambray lining details for protection and you have the Eagle Rising. We think this warm, earthy cinnamon is the best color we've ever seen this piece come in. It's a luxurious piece for sure - one for the ages.
Indigofera - Eagle Rising LTD - Indigo No. 9

After a long wait, the Eagle Rising Limited Edition has made its return. Last time, we couldn't keep this accented cuff beauty on the shelves. The denim this time is a luxirous selvage indigo. It has those most important handwarmer pockets and the hidden detail we're lusting over is just under the cuffs. They've gone with a glorious, rich color palette for this round's LTD embroidery. This liberty cuff design pulls its inspiration from military pieces that were adorned where no one could see, unless you wanted them to. In order to remain in military standard by day, the accent could only be revealed at night when they went out on the town. Little hidden details in the pockets and on the packets will have you exploring this piece for days and weeks after it arrives.
Indigofera - Endless Summer Kernion Tee - Cocatoo
What more can you ask for than endless summer? ...
Indigofera - Limited 8oz Ryman Ohira - Indigo O/W.

The Ryman has always been a yes for us. The design is unique to Indigofera, as far as we can tell. It's a beautiful interpretation of a saw cut western. The one qualm people usually have with this shirt is it's stiff as a board. Traditional westerns were very starchy to start, so we think for the longest time they were attempting to mimic that. But, we always wondered if they would hit it with a "one wash." We often said, "I would have that shirt in my closet right now if it were rinsed." Well, they've finally done it and it's glorious.

We were lucky enough to be graciously offered a crack at this very limited edition of the Ryman. We're one of only 2 stores that are offering it, us being the only one in North America. The electric blue that pops off this indigo is incredible. The hand-feel on the Ohira after it's touched water is luxurious. And, all of those incredible details the Ryman is known for shine through on this beautiful fabric including a never before used tonal stitching. This is one of the shirts of the season.
Sold Out/Coming Soon

Indigofera - Fargo Low Desert Denim Jacket - Brown
The Fargo is another staple for Indigofera, a...