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How to Wash Your Denim

This is by no means a “must-do” or “catch-all guide” to raw denim washing. Denim comes in many different forms and this is just a jumping off point for anyone new to the game. You can wash them in the machine if you want, but we like to take our time and build a ritual with our denim washing in a controlled environment. 


Step 1: Start the water and fill up the bathtub about 1/3 the way full. Use cold water to minimize shrinkage and bleeding. Use hot water if you want more shrinkage and are okay with a bit more indigo loss. 

- add a quarter cup of detergent for a wash  

- use just water for a soak

Step 2: While filling the tub, uncuff your turn your denim inside out making sure to remove all the debris from the cuffs. 

Step 3: Submerge your denim once the tub is full. 

Step 4: For a wash, agitate your denim with you hands in all of the high bacteria areas (crotch, cuffs, pockets, back of knees. Again, if you don’t mind a lot of indigo loss, give them quite a good agitating. 

Step 5: Let soak for 20-30 minutes. We find that this step can be skipped over if you are giving the denim a proper agitation. 

Step 6: Rinse your denim with the shower head. Make sure to get inside the pockets and inside the jeans just as well as you do the outside. Be liberal with your rinsing. Soap build-up can cause bacteria to form more quickly. 

Step 7: Let your denim drip dry until water is no longer actively dripping from the pair. Lay out an old town and roll your denim up to remove excess water. 

Step 8: Hang then in a dry place we good airflow - preferable some place above a register or fan. This will help them dry much quicker. 

You’re all set. An 8 part guide to washing your denim. See the video below for an infographic version of the process. 

How To Wash Your Raw Denim