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"Dead Stock" - NYT T-4G Tote Cordura Nylon - Burgundy

$ 125.00

Our long-awaited partnership with Post O'Alls has finally come to fruition. As we transition into a Post Heritage version of James Dant, one that doesn't shirk the traditional ways of manufacturing but accepts newer, more contemporary only makes sense to work with a brand like Post O'Alls. Since its origin in 1993, this brand has been taking iconic American silhouettes and giving them a little extra. In the more recent past, this started to translate to a more modern form of garments. In a world full of "perfect fits" they were offering roomy silhouettes that drape perfectly but don't have to stick to you to look good. It may not be what "Post Overalls" stands for, but we like to think of the "Post" as meaning "after" and the "O'Alls" as meaning heritage. They've evolved beyond the ideals of traditional American menswear into a genre of their own. 

When we see "Dead Stock" attached to anything, we want it. We always feel like no matter how many new good things there are, we've always missed something from previous seasons. We asked and were lucky enough to get some of the items from Post O'alls Dead Stock section. NYT is a separate division of Pantograph, Inc., which owns Post O'Alls, and started around the year 2000 as a brand specializing primarily in bags and photo T-shirts. The director is Katsu Naito, who currently presides over Philfies and has resumed his activities as a photographer. The bags used dead-stock nylon webbing from the American military, which was groundbreaking at the time, for the straps, and many of Post O'Alls ' original bags were custom-made by NYT. Post O'Alls designer Tsuyoshi Obuchi also participated in the direction of the brand's launch, and he was in charge of the logo design.

  • 100% Cordura Nylon Exterior
  • Nylon Straps
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Interior Key Clip
  • Made in Japan
    Size Height Width Depth Cuff to Cuff
    F 11.42 11.61 4.92 22.83

    A variance of +/-.5" is within tolerance.