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"Stand Wheel" H/W Long Sleeve Tee - Sumikuro

$ 85.00

Dubble Works has been on the list for quite some time. It wasn't just that it's loopwheeled goods, either. We were drawn in by the color options and the fluffiness of the fabrics that you could see even online. They have a so-called virtual hand-feel that is very hard to pull off. Dubble Works is a cut & sew brand produced in Japan with the idea of incorporating the functionality and atmosphere of 'American Casual,' believing that "American Casual is a universal idea regardless of generation or style."

We love the utility of a long-sleeved shirt. Whether it's for a layer of comfort under a wool CPO or a way to upgrade your standard tee, these "Stand Wheel" shirts are a wonderful option. Typically a heavyweight shirt is stiff and more difficult to wear, but the stand-wheeler machine creates a more loosely woven, softer fabric. They've also taken the additional step of binding the cuffs and hem instead of sewing them on. This significantly increases the life of the ribs. They've polished this piece with a pretty little chainstitch style DW on the sleeve.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Heavy Weight
  • Binder Cuffs and Hem
  • Monogrammed Cuff
  • Dubbleworks Woven Label
  • Made in Japan
Size Length Shoulder width Sleeve Length Chest
M 27.56 18.70 23.23 20.47
L 28.35 19.49 23.62 21.26
XL 28.74 19.88 23.82 21.65

A variance of +/- .5" is within tolerance. 

Shrink Notes: *The following shrinkage will occur after washing.

  • Length Approx. 0.4 inches
  • Shoulder Width Approx. 0.4 inches
  • Width Approx. 0.8 inches
  • Sleeve Length Approx. 0.4 inches

Please note that the shrinkage values are approximate, and actual shrinkage may vary based on washing conditions and fabric type.

Fit Notes: Shop owner Tommy is wearing a large in this piece. This fit absolutely spot on due to the boxy nature. This is the first time we've seen a waffle neck with this kind of cut that isn't tight around the waist. It's really great. Tommy is 5'10," 163lbs with a 40" chest.