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6 Year Anniversary Party

6 Year Anniversary Party

The 6 Year Anniversary was definitely a wild one! On the cusp of a global pandemic, we got one last shot at hanging out with all our friends and family at the shop. Our regulars turned out and made the day quite wonderful. Our sixth year is a celebration of our newfound partnerships with Japanese Brands. We worked to develop a tee shirt design with our lead graphic designer, Dan Sheridan, that encompassed that central theme. The Japanese flag sometimes referred to as the meatball flag, can clearly be seen in the ivory shirt which went gangbusters at the release. We also held back a secret release with our good friends at Billiam until that day!


It was truly a pleasure to drink Japananes beer, introduce Momotaro, Iron Heart and Japan Blue Jeans, and spend time with our wonderful patrons. Check out the pictures of our fantastic night!



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