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Triple Down Boot - 2.0

Triple Down Boot - 2.0

I must admit, the one goal I always had that I thought would take the longest to accomplish is staring me in the face in this blog post. The idea has, by all senses of the word, evolved since my initial vision. I was inspired by some of the most classic boots on original concept. The Racer Chukka we did was our iteration of the classic chukka. That led us to the discovery of this beautiful Vibram 2060 Sahara, a sole that gave us the lightness of a sneaker but the structure of the boot. I was hooked on the sole after wearing it for a few days. We've often been told in shop that the boot is the most comfortable 6 inch straight out of the box. I think we truly did hit home run having Mark convert our concept to the Triple Down Boot: a classic silhouette with some incredible details. 

One of the details that smacks you right in the face is the number of eyelets. We're talking about 6 eyelets and 3 speed hooks. At first, we were worried it might be quite cramped or not really serve the utilitarian nature of the boot, but upon field use, they function the same way most 6 inch boots do. In order to get them to look the most pleasing and function properly, we decided to go with a 1/2 size eyelet and speed hook. The main purpose of this eyelet design accomplishes the larger task at hand - to develop a boot that's both contemporary and heritage. 


The next thing you'll notice is the contrast of the Sahara Sole to the white midsole detail and natural welt. We have fallen so in love with this combo, we may never move away from it. It again adds to our overarching goal while also breaking up the chunkiness of that comfortable foam sole.


Another feature some people overlook is the pull hook we added to the back. Mark had been doing a style that reached into the boot, and when I asked him to move it to the outside of the boot, it completely changed the look. We also find this helps hold up a cuff for guys who want to wear their jeans above the boot. It's totally functional and looks good all the same. 

Another thing we love so much about the roughout style is the contrasting tongue. It adds something that we can't quite describe, but damn does it look good. You can see it in this picture that we've wrapped the leather cougar laces around the back of the boot. The layout of the speed hooks and the pull hook on the back allow the laces to stay securely in place when wrapped as we do. You'll notice extra spacing in the top two speed hooks which helps with this. 

We couldn't complete the Triple Down collection without adding a third colorway. This one is a re-up on a color that we loved best from the last round and for which we received numerous requests. It's a staple color and go-to for multiple people at the shop. As you can see, these boots pick up quite a bit of beautiful natural wear with time, especially if you're a denim head like us. This is the true magic of it all right? The longer you wear it, the better it looks. 

We're so happy with how this collaboration turned out and continues to evolve. A big thanks to Mark Albert is owed and a big thank you to all of you guys for making a massive dream of mine come true. The first round went so well, it allowed me to produce even more of this inspiring silhouette. Check them out, and shoot over any questions you have about this newest addition to the James Dant line. 



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