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Best Travel Bag: Filson's 24 Hour Duffel

Best Travel Bag: Filson's 24 Hour Duffel

I’ve had this 24-Hour Duffle Bag for six months now, and have been kicking it’s ass day in and day out. It was a last-minute decision to take this bag to Desert and Denim with me, and thank God I did. From buying trips to hauling my ink and charcoal art supplies for a hand-lettering course, it has not disappointed me yet.

It’s incredibly versatile, which is what I love most about it. It easily stows under the seat on an airplane. The front zipper pockets allow easy access to your headphones, wallet, and journal. The pockets behind that are great for gloves and your sunglasses case. You can stow a laptop in the outside sleeve, as well as a outfit for your first day of a trip. For daily use, that compartment is stuffed with paper, books, and art supplies. There’s hidden compartments to stow away items you need only in pinch. The back compartment easily houses a tablet, spare bandana, and has a toggle for your keys. This bag is the complete package for damn near every man, traveler or not.

When I was in Minneapolis a few months ago, I walked into the Filson shop and got to see first hand how the green eventually turns to a charcoal color with age and wear. It drove me to want to use the bag even more. That’s the beauty of any truly well-crafted product - it has that ability to make you want to use it every damn day and turn it into a badge of honor. Anything from Filson has a tendency to become a staple pieces in your wardrobe in that way.

Just wait for photos of this bag in 2, 6, 10 years from today.

Filson Bags from James Dant a Store for Men


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